Show The Love is a Climate Coalition campaign that runs from 1st – 21st February every year to raise awareness of climate change issues.

The campaign is supported by all sorts of people and groups and I get involved through my WI (Women’s Institute) group.  This year we are creating a Green Heart Trail over Valentines Day weekend around our local area to give our members a focus for their daily walks and to raise awareness of the campaign to our neighbours.

I’m not a crafty sort of person but I’ve found an instruction video for a simple origami 3D heart and I’m creating a little flower-bed of green heart flowers.

There are lots of other ways to show your support, such as downloading a postcard from which you can send to your MP asking them to champion climate action this year, ahead of the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow in November.  Or you can sign The Time is Now Declaration asking the Prime Minister to lead the UK to a healthier, greener, fairer future.

Climate change might feel like an issue that’s far to big for us to impact as individuals, but if everybody does nothing, nothing will change.  If we all just do something small and achievable it will create a ripple effect and the impact will be much bigger than we think possible.

On the Climate Coalition website there is a page where you can pledge to do something at home to help fight climate change.  The list of things you can choose from range from talking about climate change to friends & family, to repairing household items and clothes, to growing your own veg, to eating less meat.  There’s something for everyone, whatever your personal circumstances, so why not go online and pledge to make a small change this year.

Me, I’ve pledged to grow my own veg and start a compost pile.

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